ChatGPT inside any application on Windows . Seamlessly Integrated <3

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With Seamless GPT, ChatGPT becomes your personal assistant in any Windows app.

Privacy is of utmost importance to us, and our app stores no data and is completely run on your pc and has no contact with the developers (not even analytics). The app only sends the prompt data to OpenAI modules, ensuring complete privacy and security for our users.

This tool seamlessly integrates the power of ChatGPT into any app on your Windows, allowing you to generate text quickly and easily in any context. No need to switch tabs and open OpenAI website every time you want to use ChatGPT.

works with any app

This app is extremely simple to use. Simply enter "gpt:" followed by your prompt into any text field inside any application and press shift + enter .ChatGPT will automatically generate a response, delivering instant and accurate results every time. ChatGPT has you covered whether you're writing an article ,or writing an email, or just need a little help generating text.

Use it in Excel:

Who has time to switch between apps

Use it in VSCode :

5 hour work done in 50 minutes with chat GPT <3

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please remember default parameters (you can change it just mail me and i will tell you how):

  1. temperature=0.6
  2. max_tokens=1024
  3. model = 'text-davinci-003'

Software Updates and new features will be emailed to you

This app completely runs on your pc and has no connection to any server except OPENAI 
It reads you APIKEY locally to make it extremely safe to use (for data & privacy risk).
If you still have doubts regarding data privacy , Just Email me !

This product is not currently for sale.

A .exe application for Windows with lifetime access. No Subscriptions NO B/S

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ChatGPT inside any application on Windows . Seamlessly Integrated <3

5 ratings